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T1 Provider

Is your company looking to hire a T1 provider? Choosing the right one for your business's needs can be difficult, but Telecom Consulting Group is here to offer assistance. We partner with the best T1 providers in the industry and are highly skilled at pairing you with the T1 service provider that is best suited for your company.

Before selecting a T1 provider, it's helpful to understand the basics of a T1 line. The addition of a T1 line incorporates the inclusion of either fiber optics or copper, and impacts an office's Internet and telephone services. When the T1 line is being used for telephone purposes, it plugs into your company's phone system, and when it is being used for Internet purposes, it can be plugged into your business's router. By adding a T1 line, the T1 provider makes it possible for your phone line to carry multiple digitized voice channels, and allows data to travel from one source to another at a faster rate. As compared to a typical modem, a T1 line can carry about 60x more data each second. Also, a T1 line is known to be more reliable than an analog modem. If numerous people work in your office, hiring a T1 provider is a good idea because a T1 line allows for everyone to browse the Internet at the same time without it slowing down or not functioning in an optimal fashion.

As a result, hiring the right T1 provider can be greatly advantageous to your business. However, depending on your company's budget, Internet requirements and usage, number of employees, and other factors, some T1 providers will be a better option for you than others. In accordance with your Internet and phone service priorities, Telecom Consulting Group is here to help you find the ideal T1 provider.
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